How Will The Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Affect You?


If you own land in Klamath County, Jackson County, Douglas County, or Coos County, Oregon, it is only natural that you are wondering how you may be affected by the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline project.1 The pipeline proposed by energy company Williams will be 36 inches in diameter and will travel about 232 miles across the state of Oregon to transport natural gas, meanwhile cutting through a large number of private properties.

While the project is still in the regulatory approval stage, if it is approved, the easement acquisition and construction process will likely begin quickly. Therefore, it is a good idea to know how the project may affect you as well as your rights as a landowner.

Will your land be affected?

If your land will be affected by the pipeline, you should have received notice of such. You should also have received information regarding public meetings you can attend and other resources to learn more about how the project might affect you.

How will your land be affected?

In order to construct the pipeline, Williams will need to obtain permanent easements to build on every piece of private property for the length of the pipeline. The easement will give Williams the legal right to use part of your property for the specified use of building, operating, and maintaining the pipeline. The standard easement will be about 50 feet wide and will limit a landowner’s right to build permanent structures on that area of land. While Williams claims it intends to try to negotiate for voluntary easements, if a landowner refuses to grant the easement, the company will likely try to take the easement through eminent domain powers.2

Will you receive anything in return for the easement?

As a landowner, you absolutely have the right to just compensation for a pipeline easement, whether you grant it voluntarily or it is taken through eminent domain. Unfortunately, companies like Williams try to minimize the financial impact of such as easement to convince landowners to accept offers of compensation that are far too low for property value loss. You should never accept an offer for compensation without having an experienced attorney review it first. An attorney can determine the true losses you may incur due to the easement and can negotiate for just compensation for you.

Contact a highly experienced Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline attorney as soon as possible

If you believe that your property rights will be affected by the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, it is critical to consult with an attorney who understands property easements and condemnation. An experienced Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline lawyer will know how to stand up for your rights as a landowner so that you do not suffer unnecessary damages due to any pipeline easements or construction. At the law firm of Sever Storey, LLP, we are committed to representing landowners in the face of eminent domain actions and we know how to negotiate so that you receive just compensation for any easements or takings. Please call our office today for a free consultation at 888-318-3761.